FBS IB Commission Review


When we talk about FBS ib commission, we mean introducing broker commissions that FBS pays for its affiliates. In this article, we will discuss in details FBS Ib commission program, Advantages of affiliate program and how to withdraw your commission.

What is an IB commission program?


People often look for an additional source of income. However, there are other ways to earn money with Forex brokerages without becoming a trader. The key to success is to become introducing Broker (IB).

introducing Broker is a good way to make money. Individuals and active businesses can make a lot of money with FBS. All they have to do is promote the products or services FBS for a commission.

You can attract customers online and offline, depending on the program. When an action occurs, you get paid. The actions vary: it can be a purchase, a registration, a registration for a seminar, a deposit, installation or any other conversion. The more the targeted actions are completed, the higher your payment will be.

It what we call FBS IB commissions.

In fact, there are multiple types of affiliate programs like CPA, Revenue Shares, and others. Our purpose here is to talk about Introducing Broker (IB) with FBS

FBS Introducing Broker (IB)


The FBS IB program is ideal for IBs, local representatives, Forex experts, for personal contacts and local activities.

Again, the more customers you bring in, the more you will earn with FBS, but this time the conditions are different. With the IB program, the member earns up to $ 80 in commission for each lot marketed by the client. Members receive their payments daily.

To earn a commission, your customers must register with FBS via their unique link and redeem later. This partnership model is available for web customers with MT4 or MT5 accounts and only for mobile users of FBS – Personal Mobile Area.


To get the most out of this model, you can take advantage of a three-tier partnership. In this case, you can attract other partners to attract customers to FBS and earn even higher income.

If necessary, FBS can provide unique promotional materials for offline activities upon request.

IB commissions Details


FBS IB commission is calculated following the following rules in the table:

FBS IB commission / Rebate

  • Cent account = 10$ per lot
  • Micro account = 15$ up to 80$ per lot
  • Standard account = 10$ per lot
  • Zero Spread account = 10$ Per lot
  • Unlimited account = 5$ per lot

Other commissions

FBS offers also Sub-IB commission. That is to say, when you refer an affiliate, you get paid 15% of its income.

In addition, FBS endorse Multi-level commission, which means that you get paid for up to 3 levels affiliate.

FBS Commission Calculation


Let’s suppose you attracted 5 clients to FBS, who opened 1 Cent, 1 Micro, 1 Standard, 1 Zero Spread and 1 Unlimited account. Let’s suppose also that each one traded 1 lot:

Cent Account: 1*10/100 = 0.2$ commission (trading is conducted with micro lots, commission for 1 micro lot is 0.1$)

Standard account: 1*10 = 10$ for trades executed on

Zero Spread account: 1*10 = 10$ for trades executed on

Unlimited account: 1*5 = 5$ commission for trades executed in Micro account: suppose the client opened 2 orders, 1 lot order on EURUSD, and 1 lot on EURCAD, respectively you will receive 15$ and 40$ for each.

Advantages of FBS partnership program

  • It is the best way to develop your own business and you make money without actually trading.
  • Profit without risks or investments.
  • IB Commission up to $ 80 for each lot traded by your client
  • Full control of your income: the more active you are in attracting customers, the more you earn
  • A wide selection of free promotional material.
  • Possibility of obtaining unique promotional material for an offline advance on request

How to withdraw commissions

You can withdraw your FBS IB commission any time you want using FBS platform. The process of withdrawing is very easy.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on Finance on the left menu.
  2. Choose withdrawal.
  3. lick the appropriate payment system and click on it.
  4. Specify the business account from which you want to withdraw.
  5. Specify information about your electronic wallet or payment system account.
  6. To withdraw by card, click on the “+” sign to load the back and front of the copy of your card.
  7. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  8. Click on the “Confirm withdrawal” button.

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