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What are the electrical muscle stimulation benefits?

Whether you play sport intensively or not, electrical muscle stimulation has always a lot of benefits. The muscle stimulation technique opens the doors to many benefits, whatever your needs. It is a method of passive sports that you can adapt perfectly to your body and your expectations.

Initially, it is our own body that sends impulses, or messages to our muscles. Electrical stimulation has the same role except that it sends electrical impulses directly to the skin through electrodes. This causes contractions in the muscles and consequently increases the performance over time.

This is a gentle, natural technique that is not harmful to your body if used correctly. For many years, physiotherapy practices have used electrostimulation as a real therapy. Nowadays, it becomes a trendy practice since the machines are performant and available at a cheap price.

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If you wonder what mauscle stimulation can do to your body, in the following, we list some benefits

Better muscle stimulation and therefore better fiber contraction. The impulses reach the fibers which cannot be reached with voluntary contractions.

More resistance. Passive exercises are tireless, which is why it is possible to do more training without feeling tired.

Increase in strength and muscle mass. This is mainly due to the work of the muscles, in addition to that of the joints. It also improves strength and endurance.

Minimal risk of injury. With electrical muscle stimulation, the risk of injury can be significantly reduced, since no complicated exercise is performed in a dangerous manner.

Improves vascularization / capillarization. Athletes use this treatment to provide better blood circulation, as well as the lymphatic system.

increased muscle elasticity.

Elimination of toxins. As with any other type of exercise, strength training is very helpful in removing toxic substances from the body.

Muscle relaxation during times of stress, which reduces pain.

All these advantages make it clear that electrical muscle stimulation benefits your body. Therefore, it’s not just a question of beauty, but also of health since it is used for therapeutic purposes.

In fact, many people use it widely in physical therapists to treat muscle atrophy caused by a musculoskeletal injury that affects bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

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Electrical stimulation is for everyone. Both amateur and professional athletes will find benefits in this accessible technique.

The therapeutic virtues of electrostimulation are recognized by the medical profession. People who need to re-educate their muscles can therefore resort to it. These will work smoothly, pain or lesions will gradually disappear.

People who want to relieve muscle pain will also be happy to use electrical muscle stimulation. This technique has a relaxing effect depending on how you use it.

Piece of Chic offers many high-quality sports products. Thus, we conduct a lot of research about the benefits of the products we sell so that our clients can get the best results.


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🔥 Improves blood flow and circulation
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This natural technique is very effective if used correctly. In addition, it meets different objectives of strengthening as well as relaxation. It is therefore an ideal solution to complement your sports program.

The three key points to remember:

  • As real training support, this technique greatly improves your efficiency without traumatizing your muscles.
  • It shouldn’t be your only way to achieve your goals. You must supplement it by physical effort.
  • This technique is widely recognized as a medicinal therapy. It helps your muscles to recover after an injury.
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Electrical muscle stimulation benefits your body, like any other training method or system of electrotherapy. However, it has some side effects. Therefore, all users should know them in order to be able to practice safely.

Here we will shed light on some side effects which include:

Generally, from 24 to 72 hours after training, the user may experience muscle fatigue, stiffness or a feeling of tightness in certain muscles.

After an electrical muscle stimulation session, some people with sensitive skin may experience redness where the electrodes were located. Usually this redness is completely mild and goes away after 10 to 20 minutes.

There are isolated cases of particularly emotional people who may experience vagal discomfort. This is psychological in origin and has to do with fear of stimulation, as well as the surprise effect of seeing their muscles contract without their control. This reaction results in a feeling of weakness with a tendency to syncopation (faintness), a decrease in heart rate and a decrease in blood pressure.

In such a situation, just stop the stimulation and lie down on the floor with your legs up. This feeling of weakness usually goes away after 5 to 10 minutes. Vagal discomfort can be related to breathing errors and lack of exercise.

Finally, electrical muscle stimulation benefits are numerous. It is an almost harmless practice that you can adopt every day. Just respect the guidelines given with your material after purshase and don’t abuse. Give your muscles and your skin time to get used to the elecrodes. Then, increase gradualy. Remember to associate the practice with training. Using musle stimualtors alone won’t give the expected results.

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what does a muscle stimulator do? In fact, it works based on the principle of electrostimulation which consists of stimulating the nerve fibers surrounding the muscles.

The muscle stimulator sends electrical impulses applied to the surface of the skin by the means of electrodes. This stimulation causes the muscles to contract just as the brain would do through the nerves during voluntary contraction.

The excitation is produced by means of short electrical pulses and controlled in such a way as to guarantee optimum efficiency, safety and comfort of use.

Nonetheless, electrostimulation is recognized as an interesting and significant complementary method for high-level athletes.

Thanks to enormous advances in technology and research over the past 10 years, it exhibits a high level of reliability and lasting effects. In addition, the devices currently on the market are just as efficient as those used by professionals.

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Today many people use electrostimulation in sports and physiotherapy. It improves the muscles but has no effect on the heart and blood circulation. It shouldn’t therefore replace physical exercise, but it is an excellent complement. In addition, it does not harm the joints since it doesn’t strain them.

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A muscle stimulator is beneficial in disciplines such as athletics, cross-country skiing, swimming, triathlon, team sports. It helps to improve sports performance by strengthening the muscle, developing its quality, strength, and endurance.

The strength gained can be relatively significant (up to 50% observed) depending on the muscle group chosen without, however, presenting results superior to traditional methods.

Its action is also effective on muscle mass (gains observed from 4 to 8% on certain subjects) for muscles such as the quadriceps and the biceps. It remains insignificant on certain muscles such as the triceps.

Its effect is very rapid. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to feel the benefits.

Check, muscle stimulator for before and after results

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A muscle stimulator helps maintain muscle tone. It contributes in improving aesthetics without, however, losing weight. Indeed, it doesn’t burn fat locally (buttocks or stomach for example) but by locally strengthening the muscles, it firms, tones, and allows body remodeling. It also helps fight against cellulite through drainage and massage.

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What does a muscle stimulator do? it can be an effective alternative to training in the gym and for warming up the muscle before exercise.

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Used after exercise, muscle stimulator helps to recover. It eliminates lactic acid. It decreases muscle stiffness and relaxes muscles.

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Electrostimulation can be used in bodybuilding to strengthen or develop the muscles. It is particularly effective on the abdominals. However, that requires good muscle stimulator with powerful impulses. Too little power use will give poor results.

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Electrotherapy is used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation, treatment of pain (analgesic effect), fitness, and muscle strengthening (back, etc.) following prolonged immobilization or hospitalization.

Among the many uses of electrostimulation, let us quote the main ones through 3 fields of application:

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  • 🔥 Improves blood flow and circulation
  • 🔥Easy push-button operation with 6 modes
  • 🔥 Self-training at home, in the gym or anywhere
  • 🔥 Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the hips
  • 🔥 Super light, ultra-thin, wearable and convenient to carry on
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  • Help to improve sports performance.
  • Alternative training, replacing indoor work (practiced by skiers).
  • Rapid improvement in muscle characteristics (elasticity, tone, strength).
  • Muscle development in strength and endurance.
  • Recovery after exercise (elimination of lactic acid) and weight training.
  • Warming up.
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  • Body sculpture (abdominals, etc.).
  • Fitness and firming of certain muscles: stomach, thighs, buttocks.
  • Toning, body remodeling.
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  • Recovery after an accident or trauma.
  • Treatment of muscle and joint pain.
  • Development of musculature (back, etc.)
  • Muscle strengthening and recovery after prolonged immobilization.
  • Pain relief (analgesia function).
  • Recovery of muscle tone, rehabilitation (on medical advice).

Indeed, since we answered What does a muscle stimulator do? Let us now talk about some shortcomings and limitations.

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Sébastien Assohou warns: “This device does not replace physical effort but complement it. In order to benefit from its advantages, it is preferable to perform movements simultaneously with the contraction. “

Muscle stimulator  is not recommended for:

  • Growing children and adolescents;
  • People with cancer;
  • Pregnant women ;
  • People with epilepsy;
  • People with heart problems (avoid the sensitive area).
  • If in doubt about your general health, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Finally, last recommendations before your first session: “you must apply the electrodes to muscle areas with voluntary contraction. Avoid placing them on the heart or private parts. Be attentive and gradually increase the intensity so as not to injure yourself.”

If you are looking for Electrical muscle stimulation before and after? We got you covered. Here we are going to show you the real people who have tried EMS for different periods of time, and show you the results they have achieved.

In addition, we will give you some advice that helps you get the same results.

We know that people nowadays are using EMS more and more. The reason behind this is that they are so effective and many athletes have used them. Starting from bruce lee to the modern athletes, electrical muscle stimulators have been a good way to enhance the strength of the muscles.

Nonetheless, some opponents claim that EMSs aren’t as effective as they show on media. In fact, there is some truth in their claim and this is what we will discuss later on this article.

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The first pictures that we will show you here are the pictures of Megan. Megan wants to prepare for here wedding and therefore decided to use Electrical Muscle Stimulator to get the shape she wanted.

She then attended a gym center that uses electrical muscle stimulation. The principle is to wear a suit during a workout that sends electrical pulses to the muscles making them work harder. The training requires here to attend only once a week for 20 minutes.

Also, Megan has opted for a diet program by Tara hammett that helped her maximize the results. In the first week, Megan decided to eat only fresh vegetables and fruits, no red meat, no sugar, no carbs, and no booze.

After the first week, she started slowly to get back into her diet, starting with dairy and carbs. During the 3 months, Megan realized that she probably lost most of her weight in the first 6 weeks. By the 9th week, she had managed to get to the 5 km. Now, now she is starting to push herself towards 10 km.

The pictures below shows the results achieved by Megan and you can decide by Yourself.

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Exactly like Megan, Nina when was asked if she need to give Electrical Muscle Stimulation a try for 5 weeks.  A training style that will give impressive results in a matter of weeks is just what she needs. What’s amazing is that it takes only 20 minutes each session.

Nina took the training seriously for 5 weeks and she was happy with the results. She says, “it’s fast, effective, and fun.” The training fits perfectly into her busy schedule and the proof is in the pudding.

The difference between Megan and Nina is that Nina have tried for 5 weeks but with almost 2 sessions each week. After 10 sessions, Nina is strongly confident to change her Body.

In the following, we will show you the electrical muscle stimulation Before and After pictures of people who have used EMS for training.

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If you still wonder whether Electrical Muscle Stimulator works or not, there are a lot of proofs out there. Even science support this claim and there has been many universities that have conducted a lot of research about this matter.

Besides electrical muscle stimulation before and after pictures presented so far, here we provide some research conducted by Erlangen-Nuremberg in (2009), the German Sports University of Cologne (2008), and the Heart Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen (2010).

All three research centers reported that EMS is scientifically proven effective. Bayreuth University in Germany reported the following results after a six-week training program with EMS. On average, 85% of people tested have significantly experienced an improvement in their body shape. The higher intensity training produced visible results in terms of enhanced muscle definition and tone.

The university also reported that the whole body EMS training is up to 40% more intensive than traditional strength training with weights. This shows how the importance of EMS in enhancing the results. The university concluded that strength ability increased by 12% and endurance and fitness levels improved by 69%.

Finally, we conclude that electrical muscle stimulators work and have significant results on the body. However, you need to be sure how to use them especially if you don’t use them in a training center.

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Wireless Muscle stimulator is the best machine to use to tone muscles. This tool helps in toning the muscles not only in the abdominal section of the body, but also in the other parts.

Wireless Muscle Stimulator initiates the contraction of the ab muscles. However, the other models associated with it are used for the part of the body like arms, butt, and legs. The device triggers blood flow through the vibration.

Though electrical stimulators are great for toning muscles, we advise using them with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. These devices give the best results only if associated with training. Therefore, they won’t burn fat or make you look perfect on their own.

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Get your EMS Now!

✅ help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks
✅ Improves blood flow and circulation
✅ Easy push-button operation with 6 modes
✅ Self-training at home, in the gym or anywhere
✅ Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the hips
✅ Super light, ultra-thin, wearable and convenient to carry on

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The device gives good results, however, we advice you to try low intensity when you use it for the first time. This allows you to adapt to the device so that you can later increase the intensity level.

In addition, the device will turn off automatically after 12 seconds, if you don’t do anything. When finishing the workout, try to recover the adhesive pads with a protective layer in order to prevent the adhesive pad from drying.

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Can you build muscle with electrical stimulation? to answer this question we need to know how electrical muscle stimulators work. This will give us an insight about the effect that causes muscle stimulation on the body. Therefore, this article will talk about how they function and how they build muscles.

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Electrical stimulation, or electro-microstimulation (EMS), consists of causing muscle contraction from electrical impulses. These pulses are generated by a device and transmitted through electrodes applied directly to the skin, at the target muscle.

The goal of electrostimulation is to reproduce the identical or almost identical process of voluntary muscle contraction. By voluntary muscle contraction, we mean contraction commanded by our brain to our muscles. That is to say, our brain controls our muscles via electrical signals transmitted to nerve fibers. Our muscles contract in response to these electrical signals.

When using an electrostimulation device, the electrical current transmitted to our muscles via the electrodes reproduces the same kind of electrical signal as that transmitted by our brain during a voluntary command. Thus, our muscles contract under the electrical impulse generated by the electrostimulation device.

This analysis leads us to ask the previous question which is: can you build muscle with electrical stimulation?

Indeed, we can say Yes under some reservations. However, before we decide definitely, we need to know how the electrical muscle stimulators build your muscles.

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EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a machine that delivers a stimulating pulse to your muscles. This causes muscle contraction similar to that you would give your muscles when lifting weight.

Therefore, it mimics the real workout. EMS builds and grows muscles by causing this contraction. When the muscle is tightened, it does work, eventually causing lactic acid to enter the muscle and begin the building process. It is like the same process that occurs after weight lifting.

Many athletes looking for a competitive edge use electrical stimulation to build muscle faster. Since Electric Muscle Stimulators contracts muscle much longer than an athlete could do on their own, they can build more muscle and improve workouts.

Athletes can become mentally fatigued during training sessions and therefore cannot endure muscle contractions for a long time. Since the EMS contracts the muscle without moving the limb itself, the pressure on the joints is minimized. The muscle is always “worked” and will, therefore, be strengthened.

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By repeatedly contracting muscle fibers, electrical stimulation causes micro-lesions that force cells to renew themselves. In the end, we gain muscle strength.

“The muscle will not necessarily be larger but it will be more resistant,” confirms Armand Mettot, sports physiotherapist.

In terms of the legs, for example, you will find it easier to climb stairs or hike on inclined terrain. A study was carried out with 20 amateur footballers at Inserm in Dijon: those who, in addition to their training, followed an electro stimulation program for the quadriceps (thigh) muscles with a Compex Sport type device for 5 weeks (3 x 12 min per week), saw their speed of striking the ball without momentum increase (from a little less than 88 km / h to 92 km / h on average). In another study, runners increased their muscle strength by 52%.

Indeed, to answer the question: can you build muscle with electrical stimulation? the straight answer is yes. However, this practice has some shortcomings.

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Electrical muscle stimulation mainly uses the muscle fibers on the surface. “To activate a muscle in its entirety, it would take a very high electrical intensity, impossible to withstand for most people,” recalls Dr. Antoine Couturier, Insep researcher in muscular neurophysiology. “

As a result, electrostimulation is less effective on the deepest muscles, especially the glutes,” notes the physiotherapist. And as soon as you stop, the results wear off quickly, especially if you use it passively on your couch. Because the pros are unanimous: to be effective, electrostimulation must be accompanied with exercise.

Indeed, can you build muscle with electrical stimulation? Yes, but it should be associated with exercise.

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Electric Muscle Stimulator Benefits

✅ Relieve discomfort and pain
✅ Improves blood flow and circulation
✅ Easy push-button operation with 6 modes
✅ Enhances rehabilitation of muscles
✅ Total satisfaction. 30 days money back guaranteed

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Wireless muscle stimulator has a good impact on training and slimming muscles.  Therefore, it tightens and strengthens your muscles so that you can gain a better body figure after consecutive use. Indeed, you will see the result after 2 months.

Also, it sends signals to muscles and promotes muscle movement. All you have to do is to fit the abdominal toner to your body and let it exercise your muscles.

To have a good effect, try to use ab toning belt for 20 minutes per session. Its effect equals to 2000M running, 30 minutes of sit-ups, 30 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of diet.

Wireless muscle stimulator is ultra-thin, convenient to carry on, abdominal exerciser can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes; Exercise while reading or doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips.

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Do electric muscle stimulators work? The straight answer to this question is YES, but this is not the only answer.

We know that electro muscle stimulators send a small electric shock to the muscle that causes its contract. These electrodes boost the strength of the glutes, abs, butts, and legs. Therefore, can Electric Muscle Stimulators (EMS)  really build muscle? What are its dangers and how to integrate it into the sports routine?

To answer these questions, we need first to know how EMS work.

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Electric Muscle Stimulators (EMS) stimulate the muscles with an electric current. More precisely, this technique reproduces the process of muscle contraction and relaxation. Instead of the natural phenomenon, it is therefore an electrical impulse that intervenes to contract the muscle.

In terms of material, electro-stimulator devices come in many forms.

There are EMS that target your belly, others target your butt, and also some are designed for buttocks or thighs. These varied forms work differently and each one has a specific objective.

By means of these contractions, the Electric Muscle Stimulators promise to make the muscle work and therefore … to shape it.

The advantage is also that the EMS makes it possible to reach muscles that are difficult to access by conventional fitness exercises (the rectus abdominos and the transverse abs, for example).

Does that imply you need just to lay on the couch and get the body of a goddess?

No way!

So to answer the question: Do Electric Muscle Stimulators Work? the answer is YES, but to build muscle, you need to associate using EMS with training or at least use them while working out.

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Electric Muscle Stimulator Benefits

✅ Relieve discomfort and pain
✅ Improves blood flow and circulation
✅ Easy push-button operation with 6 modes
✅ Enhances rehabilitation of muscles
✅ Total satisfaction. 30 days money back guaranteed

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Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah, MD says abdominal stimulators can help tone midsection muscles by helping to contract muscles and activating blood flow with vibrations.

However, he points out that there is a misconception that abdominal stimulators burn fat or are a primary tool for weight loss, and they are not.

“A diet that has no significant nutritional and fitness goals other than using an abdominal stimulator will not help you achieve chiseled abs,” he explains.

Therefore, if you count only on EMS to burn fat and get a good shape, you won’t go far. The best way to follow a training plan and do some exercises. If it is associated with Electric Muscle Stimulators, it will build muscles and give impressive results.

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Women’s Melange Color Waist Trainer

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For Electric Muscle Stimulators to work properly, Lucile Woodward, a certified coach and fitness blogger, asserted that the electrodes should be placed on the target area and do the same fitness exercises for the same area as well.

She continues that for the EMS to be effective, it is therefore not enough to put the electrodes, but to put them in motion, ideally twice a week.

For example, to strengthen your buttocks in-depth, you place the electrodes on the buttocks, then proceed to a classic session of squats, pelvic raises or leg raises.

The Electric Muscle Stimulators then make it possible to give a higher intensity to the muscle strengthening the exercise.

Indeed, do All our effortless bodybuilding dreams fall apart?

Lucile answered this question saying, “Electric Muscle Stimulators alone can still stimulate the muscles, but it is less effective. The muscle fibers are used less.”

Another important thing to know: when you use electrostimulation without doing sport at the same time, the sensation is much more painful (remember, it is still electric shocks)!

Finally, EMS is only helpful if associated with the workout. If used alone, they don’t give significant results.

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Electrical stimulation seems to work to improve blood circulation through the activation of muscles. In fact, it works just as well as many other recovery methods. The major problem is that there is a great deal of variability between people as to the exact level of electrical stimulation required.

It is possible to make it too intense, creating either pain or additional muscle fatigue. While electrical stimulation can work very well in studies, it doesn’t work well enough to offset its potential drawbacks.

C. Shanté Cofield, D.P.T., founder of The Movement Maestro says that ” EMS can be a great way to help with recovery, particularly in runners, because the muscle pumping activity can help with circulation and decrease swelling in the lower limbs without requiring additional impact or exercise.”

Remember that there are different degrees of injuries. Some serious injuries require the intervention of a specialist to be fixed. Therefore, we don’t advise anyone to take a risk in case of serious injury.

As far as pain is concerned, Brenna Canterbury, a Flagstaff-based physical therapist, says that muscle stimulators work better to reduce pain.

However, They aren’t, in fact, fixing injuries but they calm things down. EMS works off of something called Gate Control Theory. Basically, when you’re in pain, your muscles scream about it by sending impulses to your brain via your spinal cord.  Therefore, Electric Muscle Stimulators work by interrupting the muscle-brain pain conversation.

Brenna Canterbury also forwarded that EMS “also likely stimulates the production and release of endorphins,” which further help dull the pain.

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Indeed, to answer the question: do Electric Muscle Stimulators Work? we conclude that it works and EMS gave enchanting results when used properly and associated with workout. However, the effect seems less significant if used alone.

Also, we conclude that it works to reduce pain and for recovery as the shocks, they send to the brain interrupt the pain-brain conversation. Nonetheless, it doesn’t work to reduce belly fat or lose weight.

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