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No Fax Payday Loan Lenders
Hence, it is wise to opt for a loan in a state where it is legal. The lender should be approved and must have a good reputation. Bank Account An active bank checking account. Unbelievably Quick No fax payday loan from a reputed lending …  read more…

Loans To Pay Off Payday Loans
Companies providing such loans. It is an easy and speedy way to get a little cash that you can access the amount on the stipulated date, the lender will take out a quick loan with few questions asked. They usually 2 weeks to a month. …  read more…

Borrowing to Build Your Business Getting Your Banker to Say Yes
Borrowing to Build Your Business Getting Your Banker to Say Yes Bank loans are the leavening.  read more…

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A Few Genuine Ideas You Should Bear In Mind To Raise Your Credit Score
There really is a flood of information on the Net about how to raise your credit score. The really great thing is that there’s only a small group of utterly vital points that you must understand prope…  read more…

Raise Your Credit Score – Some Easy Suggestions You Ought To Consider
In this piece I’ll briefly go through a few of the most vital elements concerning the issue of how to raise your credit score. There can frequently be rather a large amount of uncertainty with regard …  read more…

A Few Simple Ideas That Will Help To Raise Your Credit Score
There is regularly a fair bit of confusion with reference to the question of how to raise your credit score. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be like this at all. In this piece I’ll quickly o…  read more…

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Open Question: where can I get a loan with bad credit and no checking account?
I need a quick personal loan. don’t have a checking account,need a legit lender.

  read more…

Open Question: find a lender, personal loan?
I need a quick personal loan.I don’t have a savings or a checking account

  read more…

Open Question: real quick question about loans?
can you get a loan from a bank for about 5,000 dollars to pay off credit cards and other bills?

  read more…

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Quick Payday Loan Online The quickest and e.. http://tinyurl.com/de8amm
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 Quick loans Quick Loans
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How To Send Money Within The Philippines For Free

Sending money or transferring money to your loved ones to and within the Philippines is most of the time costly since you need to pay for a transfer fee. Because of this scenario, many companies take that advantages to do business of money transfer and sending money.

In sending or transferring money to or within the Philippines, you can use the service of Western Union, Cebuana Lhuilier, M.Lhuilier or any money transfer companies. By sending money through these companies, they make a profit from the fee they charge to their clients.

Sending money through these companies are reliable and guaranteed. It is safe and fast way to send money your family anywhere in the Philippines provided there is an office near your recipient’s location.

When you send or transfer money using the companies I mentioned above, you need to pay a fee that depends on the amount of money you will send. Obviously, the higher the amount you will send, the higher the fee that will be charged. For the client’s side, it is not good situation since you need to pay a fee.

There are other way to send money within the Philippines without paying for a fee, it is totally free. The only requirement is you need a BPI savings account. Once you have an account, you can apply for a Express Money Order card or Express Cash card. These two cards are like an ATM card but they are not a savings account.

If you want to have these cards, you need to apply for it once you have a BPI account. If you are sending money frequently to your family, Express Money Order is the best choice. You can apply for the card with your relative’s name on the card. Once you have the card, you can give it to your relative and every time you want to send money, you will just send money to his or her Express Money Order card through ATM or online banking.

BPI Express Cash card can be use to send money and buying things in the malls or department stores. It functions like a debit card.

BPI charged P100 for the application of each card with expiration of two and four years for BPI EC card and BPI EMO card, respectively.

If you want to transfer or send money for free to your relatives, you must consider having a BPI savings account and applying for Express Money Order or Express cash card. Only 10 cards will be allowed per each person.

Bert Tenorio loves writing on personal finance, saving and investing. He resides in Korea with his family. For helpful details on how to Send Money to Philippines, please visit Financial Management site, for free financial management articles on saving, investing and make money online.

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